C is a general-purpose programming language developed at AT & T’s Bell Telephone Laboratories (USA) in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie.
Since it was mainly designed first for the UNIX operating system, but now, it is used now in UNIX operating system and in other worlds.

Why I’ve to learn C Programming:

C is nowadays most common and useful language. Most probably it is an easy language for starting your coding career. The reasons for which C is necessary to learn as a first programming language is:

  1. C is one of the most popular programming languages of all time to create system software as well as application software.
  2. C is a simple and very easy programming language to understand quickly.
  3. C is a standardized programming language with international standards.
  4. C is the base for almost all popular programming languages.
  5. C is one of the foundations for modern computer science and information technology.
  6. The language of choice for serious programming.
  7. Ease of understanding and learning, and one of the most commonly used programming languages in colleges and universities.
  8. Once students have learned C, then it will be easy for them to pick up any other languages.
So, all of the arguments is for Why you have to learn C as your first programming language. As an intermediate level programmer, my suggestion to all of the beginner level programmer to learn to C as first. The reason in my sense why you have to learn C language-

  1. You can learn it more quickly almost take 10-20 days and though you are a novice programmer, you can learn it in that period of time [Obviously the basic of C programming not in advanced level].
  2. It’s installation and other functions are so simple.
  3. All of the other programming language like C++, Java, Python, theirs basic is C language.
  4. So, first learn C programming and then start any other programming language.

Basic C programming Example in Depth –

Basic C programming Code Structure:

#include <stdio.h>  
int main()

printf("Hello worldn");

So, this is the simple C Code which will print Hello World.
Output is similar like this window in windows/Linux

Demonstration of our first C Code:

In line 1, 

We have include a header file called <stdio.h>

#include <stdio.h>  

This <stdio.h> is = Standard Input Output and without including it we can’t print or take any input or output from user. We do it because we will print Hello world

In line 2,

start the line by adding main function of C.

int main()  

This line is must in any C file. C code search the whole doc named main function. When it get the main function it start to read the function and try to execute the codes inside the main function.


We add a printf() function which is built in C programming. That prints something to window-

printf("Hello worldn");

Then return 0 is for executing the entire program.

return 0; 


So,in this tutorial we learnt what is C Programming, Why C programming is necessary or why you have to start your coding career first by C programming language.

So, in our next tutorials, we’ll learn more about C programming it’s code structure and everything.
Hope, you will watch the next tutorial to learn C programming easily. Having any problem, just comment below.


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